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Dying Link


We propose a new visualization technique called the Dying Link, which makes the links to Web pages look aged according to how old the linked pages are. Using our technique, users can easily tell how "fresh" the linked pages are, only by glancing at the appearance of the link string in a Web page. The following figures show examples of the visualization of Dying Link.

Figure 1. With no Effects Figure 2. Distortion
Figure 3 Fade Figure 4. Blur


I have created the Dying Link System with Satoru Takabayashi at Sony CSL.

Publications (in English)
  • Tsukada, K., Takabayashi, S. and Masui, T. : Dying Link, Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI 2003), Vol. 3 (Human-Central Computing), pp. 1353-1357, (June, 2003). [PDF]